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The „Koci Dom” Foundation was created out of love for cats!

Miss Krawczyk’s cats are losing their home! Will they end up under a bridge or living on the streets? We need your help!

Without you, we won’t make it! We need to provide a place for the kittens to live. A home thanks to which they will no longer risk homelessness and Ms Krawczyk won’t have to worry about the fate of the elderly animals. Without any fears, she will be able to continue rescuing homeless, hurt and abandoned cats, which from now on will always stay safe at the Cats’ House.

Unless some sort of miracle happens in a few months’ time, a few dozen animals will end up on the street or in a shelter. Józefa Krawczyk has devoted all her life to helping animals in need; animals that mean everything to her. Over the years, she has rescued and fostered hundreds of cats.

‘My heart breaks, I cannot accept the fact that I’ve been tricked and lost my home, as a result of which the animals are now suffering the most. I have another place to stay, but I can’t take the animals there. For me, it isn’t a solution, because helping and rescuing kittens is all I have, while KOCI DOM foundation is everything to all these hurt animals, mainly the ailing elderly ones, who were supposed to have a home forever. I know I cannot give up, because there are still so many kittens needing help; but I can’t do it alone and that’s why I am begging you for help!,’ explains Józefa Krawczyk, the president of Koci Dom Foundation, with tears in her eyes. ‘If cats could talk, they would tell you how many tears I’ve shed lately,’ she adds.

It all started to crumble when Ms Krawczyk was tricked by her husband and lost her family home. Miraculously, she quickly managed to find an old wooden house for rent without proper insulation, where she hoped she could carry on with her animal sanctuary. Sadly, misery loves company and life writes its own stories, as you well know. The new conditions of rent offered by the landlord, i.e. rent increase by 65% plus a deposit of PLN 8,000, is outside the financial capabilities of Ms Krawczyk; coupled with the disastrous living conditions and huge heating costs, there is only one conclusion: it’s necessary for Ms Krawczyk to buy her own place, for herself and, most of all, for the animals. A place where Ms Krawczyk will be able to continue her life’s work, rescuing the lives of cats and dogs.

We cannot allow the Foundation to cease to exist; it would be a huge blow to the animals which, thanks to the Foundation, have everything they need to start new lives!

The place we would like to buy with your help will provide peace and safety, improve the lives of many hurt, abandoned and homeless animals, which will never again have to live on the streets in fear and insecurity.

‘Although I’m over eighty years old, I am still full of energy; caring for the cats gives my life meaning, I feel needed; these tiny, defenceless creatures are everything to me. I know that one day I’ll die and I have to secure my animals so that they have a roof over their heads. After I die, the animals will be looked after by my daughter, who has promised to continue my work once I’m gone,’ – Ms Krawczyk admits with tears in her eyes.

We do hope that with your help we’ll be able to collect enough funds to buy an old house for renovation, which will become a home to the animals in need.

Thank you for your donations!


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